HempBombs 300mg CBD Oil Review – Is It Worth It?

HempBombs is a relatively popular brand of CBD. Amongst their many products is their CBD oil. In this article I will be writing a review of HempBombs 300mg CBD Oil and determining if it is worth it. This product is a 1 fluid ounce vial/bottle of CBD oil (tincture), containing a total of 300mg of CBD. This means that one eyedropper full is 10mg of CBD as the included eyedropper is 1ml.

Quality of Product

HempBombs makes an excellent CBD oil. Their oil is produced from only the finest quality organic European industrial-grade hemp.

Trustworthiness of Vendor

While HempBombs does offer 3rd-party testing results for their CBD syrup, e-liquids for vaporizers, and their CBD capsules, they unfortunately do not have test results for their CBD oils listed on their website. This is a minor red flag for me, but is minor enough that it did not prevent me from buying this product. HempBombs is relativelypopular for a reason – they’re reliable. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is always a huge plus for me!

Cost Effectiveness for Minor Ailments

The HempBombs 300mg CBD Oil is $49.99 for a 1 fluid ounce bottle. For this reason I would not say that this product is cost-effective for any minor ailments, relative to the cost of other products which can be found in the vendor review section.

Cost-Effectiveness for Major Diseases

10mg of CBD is not a strong dose and will likely have little effect on anything other than nausea/vomiting, anxiety, or pain. To top it off, this product is a lot more expensive than the other ones I’ve reviewed in the vendor reviews section. Thus, if the less expensive, same milligram dosage product from the competitor is not enough to treat diseases like epilepsy and cancer, this one certainly won’t work either, and you’ll pay almost double the price.

Effectiveness for Mental Health

5-10mg of CBD is a perfect as-needed dose for anxiety, and twice to three times daily is a great dose for depression as well. However, it may not be strong enough for those with Schizophrenia, as they may need anywhere from 40mg to 1,280mg a day.


HempBombs 300mg Tincture


Quality of Product


Trustworthiness of Vendor


Cost-Effectiveness for Major Diseases


Cost-Effectiveness for Minor Ailments


Cost-Effectiveness for Mental Illness



  • Test Results Available On-Site


  • Expensive

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