GetCBDPet Review – Is CBDPet Right For Your Pet?

CBDPet is a popular brand of CBD oil for domestic household pets. Their website,, is very professionally laid out, and there a lot of pros for this product. This product is good for pets with arthritis, behavioral issues, seizures, and more! It can also make your pet’s final months/years more comfortable as they get older. So without further adue, I present my review.

CBDPet’s Lab Testing, Sourcing, and Dosage uses only top-quality organic industrial grade hemp sourced out of Denmark for their CBD. They third-party lab test all of their batches, so you know your pet is only getting the highest quality CBD.

CBDPet’s Effectiveness for Small Animals

CBDPet is designed for small, domestic animals, such as cats and dogs. After giving my eldery cat CBDPet for about 2 weeks, his mobility greatly increased and it seems like his arthritis doesn’t bother him as much. My friend’s dog, who has excessive marking issues, almost completely stopped marking in inappropriate places. Incredible!

CBDPet’s Effectiveness for Large Animals

For large animals such as horses, CBDPet is not very effective in single doses, seeing as each dose is only 3.3mg of CBD each. There are, however, CBD brands for horses, or you can simply use a stronger CBD oil meant for humans – it won’t hurt them!

CBDPet’s Cost-Effectiveness

CBD is very cost-effective for domestic animals such as cats and dogs at only $25 for a 1 month supply. It’s a lot cheaper, safer, and more effective than a lot of medications you can get from the veterinarian. It is good for your furry friend’s anxiety, mobility, joints, mentality/behavior, marking issues, seizures, pain etc, so if your pet has multiple issues this product may be an excellent choice for them!

So, is CBDPet Worth the Money?

CBDPet is well-worth the money you pay. Let’s be honest; $25 a month is nothing compared to your pet being able to live normally and happily again. Plus, as I detailed in the last paragraph, it’s very cost-effective for treating diseases, illnesses, and ailments, especially if there’s multiple issues you’re attempting to treat.


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