CBD and Diabetes – What You Need to Know

Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder (formerly classified as a metabolic disorder) that affects millions of people worldwide. There are two main branches of diabetes – type 1, and type 2. In type one diabetics, the body produces no insulin which is a hormone that transfers glucose (sugar) molecules from the bloodstream into the cells of the body. Type 1 diabetics account for approximately 5% of the diabetic. Type 2 diabetes is more complex due to the fact that the pancreas does not release enough insulin, or the cells become resistant to it. The relation between types 1 and 2 is the inability to control blood sugar.

Can CBD Help Diabetes?

There are CBD receptors (CB-1 receptors) all over the body – including in the islet cells of the pancreas, where insulin is produced. Research is showing that stimulus of the islet cells within the pancreas may have links to increasing insulin production. This is not to say that CBD is a cure-all for diabetes by any stretch of the imagination. However, it is worth trying CBD for diabetes, because in addition to possibly helping insulin production, it also reduces neuropathic damage as CBD acts as a natural neuroprotectant. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties have long been known to help improve the body’s metabolism.

Is CBD for Diabetes Safe?

CBD is perfectly safe to take with diabetes, without any major side effects (side effects include relaxation and in higher doses, sedation). CBD is known for being 100% safe with 0 toxicity risk. I would start out the dosage at 10mg, and increase by 5mg if neuropathic pain is still severe. With CBD, there is a fine line between complete pain relief and full-body relaxation. You will not feel “high” as if you had smoked cannabis flower, but your entire body will be relaxed, anxiety will be crushed, and any neuropathic pain relieved.

What is the Best Brand of CBD for Diabetes?

My all-time favorite CBD brand that has 10mg CBD is CBDPure 600.Half of a dropper of CBDPure 600 is 10mg of CBD. Therefore, at 10mg of CBD a day, one 60mL bottle is a 2 month supply. I highly recommend trying 5mg first to make sure you have a positive reaction to the CBD in it.

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