Best CBD Oil for Pain – Top 5 Brands

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an excellent supplement to use as a remedy for pain, but with all of the brands out there, how do you know which truly is the best CBD oil for pain? In this article I will be detailing my top five favorite CBD oil brands for pain, including chronic pain.

#5 Best CBD Oil for Pain – HempMeds/RSHO


HempMeds triple lab-tests their CBD – first periodically throughout the growing system and again after harvest and extraction.  Secondly, the oil is tested once it arrives from Europe to the United States. This step tests the cannabinoid profile, as well as microbacterial contamination and solvent residuals. Finally, the end product is tested to verify consistency. The hemp they make their CBD from is non-GMO and organic. There are three Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO) bottles at 4 fluid ounces with 1,000mg of CBD in them.

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#4 Top CBD Oil for Pain – Elixinol


Elixinol offers four different types of CBD oil in a total of two different dosages. They offer 300mg and 3,600mg CBD hemp oil (quite a jump, right?) both in the natural and ‘cinnamint’ flavors. Each are 1 fluid ounce/30ml. The 300mg CBD tincture will run you $29.99 and the 3,600mg CBD tincture will run you $249.00. There is no price difference between the flavors; only the dosage.

Elixinol tests each batch that comes from their manufacturing city in Europe before it comes to the US, then uses HPLC-DAD eqipment in leading labs to confirm the results. They test for potency, microbiological contamination, heavy metals, pesticides, and an analysis of the sample’s terpene profile.The reason this brand is featured as the #4 top CBD oil for pain is because there are only two dosage choices. However, the added feature of flavor choice definitely makes Elixinol make the list!

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#3 Best CBD Oil for Pain – Cannabidiol Life


While it’s not apparent that Cannabidiol lab-tests their product, they made the middle of the list purely from the variety in dosage they offer, not to mention that they’re supported by the American Hemp Association! They offer 50mg CBD shots, as well as 1 fluid ounce/30ml bottles of 250mg, 750mg, 1,500mg, and 3,000mg CBD oil. The 50mg CBD shots start out at $48.95 for a pack of ten and go up to $8.95 for a single shot. The bottles are $39.95, $89.95, $149.95, and $269.95 respectively. Rather than using the standard Supercritical CO2 method that most vendors are using, Cannabidiol Life uses a combination of gentle rocking and organic ethanol to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. They claim that this is what seperates them from the competition.

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#2 Top CBD Oil for Pain – HempBombs


While the HempBombs website is clear that their product is third-party lab-tested, they aren’t clear on exactly what they test for. HempBombs offers 300mg, 600mg, and 1,800mg vials of CBD oil, which are going to cost you $49.99, $79.99, and $169.99 respectively. All of their CBD oils come in 1 fluid ounce/30ml vials. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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#1 Best CBD Oil for Pain – CBDPure


I absolutely love CBDPure!

CBDPure offers a 90 day money-back guarantee, and their hemp oil is made from certified organic hemp grown in Denmark. They do rigorous third-party testing for pesticides, residual solvents, microbiological screenings, cannabinoid profiling, and terpene profile analysis.They offer 3 different strengths of CBD oil, all in 2 fluid ounce/60ml bottles – 100mg, 300mg, and 600mg. The 100mg vial is going to run you $29.99, the 300mg vial is going to run you $54.99, and the 600mg vial is going to run you $79.99.

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Which CBD Oil is Right for Me?

The average user needs 2.5-20mg a few times daily to manage chronic pain. For mild to mild-moderate pain, you’re more than likely going to want to get a 100mg tincture. If you’re in moderate amounts of pain, you may want to consider bumping up to a 300mg tincture. If your pain is severe (for example, pain related to terminal illness), you might even want to go higher, up to 600mg-1,000mg (or more!) tinctures. However, the vast majority of individuals do not need this high of a dosage for pain. Start small and work your way up – you can always take multiple droppers full if you need more; until you run out!

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