Best CBD For Anxiety – Top 5 Products

In my previous article regarding CBD for anxiety, I detailed how well CBD works for anxiety, and how well it works for my anxiety. In this article I will be revealing the best top 5 best CBD products for anxiety. This article will include my favorite CBD vape additives/vape juice, capsules, gummies, isolate, and oil/tincture for anxiety!

Diamond CBD Vape Additive

Diamond CBD Vape Additive is essentially unflavored CBD Vape Juice that you add into your own e-Juice – with or without nicotine (however, it is recommended that you seperate your CBD and Nicotine e-Juice). Vaping is a great way to get your CBD intake! To dose your Diamond CBD Vape Additive, simply add a bit to your currently existing vape juice (or buy their premade CBD Vape Juice). Then, hit the vaporizer until your anxiety cools off a bit. Vaping CBD is a great way to consume your CBD as it absorbs into the bloodstream quickly and is, therefore, a very efficient way to consume cannabidiol. I recommend vape additives for anybody who vapes!

Elixinol Hemp Oil Capsules

While Elixinol’s CBD Hemp Oil Capsules are an expensive way to get your CBD intake, they are probably the most convenient way. They have 15mg of CBD and 375mg of pure hemp oil per capsule, and come in a 30 capsule and a 60 capsule bottle. This means they are the perfect dose of CBD for most people’s anxiety. This is the only difference between their 450mg and 900mg bottles.

HempBombs CBD Gummies

HempBombs’ CBD Gummies (the regular dose, not the higher potency ones) clock in at 15mg of CBD per gummy. This is the perfect dosage of CBD for most people’s anxiety. The gummies come in packs of 5, 15, 30, and 60. There are also higher potency CBD gummies available from HempBombs which clock in at 25mg of CBD per gummy. These are good options for panic attacks. A lot of people like the gummies because they’re a ‘fun’ way of taking your CBD. I recommend CBD gummies for everybody, especially those new to CBD!

Diamond CBD Isolate

Diamond CBD’s Crystal Dab Isolate is great to mix in a drink or to put in food! Isolate tends to be more expensive because it is typically around 99% pure. Therefore you only need a very small amount of isolate to have profound effects! Try putting it in your tea, under your tongue, or on a salad! It can have a taste, but a lot of people really enjoy the taste of CBD isolate. I recommend CBD isolate for intermediate to experienced CBD users.

CBDPure 600MG Tincture

CBDPure’s 600MG CBD Tincture is a CBD Oil that is 2 fluid ounces, or 60 milliliters. It (obviously) clocks in at 600mg per vial, and the dropper holds 1mL. Therefore, one dropper-full is equivalent to 10mg of CBD. Tinctures are great for people who want affordability, swiftness in effects, and effectiveness. I personally prefer to use tinctures over any other form of CBD as they seem to work the fastest and work the most cost-effectively – that is, for me. I recommend CBD tincture for all CBD users, especially those brand-new to CBD! With CBDPure’s 600MG, remember to take one dropper full to one and a half!

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